Welcome to Edinburgh
    Thank you for choosing Grosvenor Gardens Hotel

    Please follow the latest (Scottish Government Guidance)

    All Stays required bookings in advance either online or by telephone.

    We have introduced a number of health and safety measures in order to protect and keep everybody safe
    during your stay
    • There are hand sanitizer units at entrances and all communal areas within the premises.
    • Please be advised that you will be welcome at 2 meters distance by staff with PPE
    • In line with the Government ‘s Test and Protect Strategy, we are required to collect your full contact details. Please read our Test and Trace privacy policy
    • Please observe two meter physical distancing.
    • Our guest numbers will be monitored to avoid crowding and facilitate physical distancing.
    • Cards payments preferably or confirmed Full payment before arrival.
    • Face coverings are now mandatory in all enclosed spaces, including during checking in and in communal areas.
    • Please note that our breakfast room is temporary closed until further notice. Breakfast is replaced by individual wrapped hot or cold sandwiches as required, delivered and can be consumed in your room. Self service tea or coffee available in room
    • Room services only for long stay guests. On every third day by arrangement with minimum 5 hours room vacancy times required

    Test and Trace privacy policy
    We are required by Scottish Government Guidance to collect details of all members of guests in line of
    the Test and Protect Support Strategy. Please refer Scottish Government Guidance for coronavirus /

    The information needed to enable NHS Scotland to contact you should you been in near or close contact
    with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. Contacting people who might have exposed to the
    virus is a crucial step in stopping the spread.

    In the unlikely event, if there is a cluster coronavirus case link to the establishment. Information will be
    transferred securely to NHS national service to established Test and Tracing process in an effort to
    contain the spread. At the same times the centre provide guidance and support to those involved. If tested
    positive, advice to self isolation ( Review required)

    This will involve gathering and sharing information with NHS Scotland for Test and Protect .
    Your data will not be used for any other purposes. It will be kept up to maximum of 4 weeks and will be
    destroyed safely and securely.

    What we will be collecting:
    1. Name and full postal address
    2. Date and time of arrival and departures
    3. Place of arrival and departures
    4. Contact telephone number
    5. Email address.
    6. Covid vaccine details / Covid passport.

    For Non UK Residence:
    1. Country of resident
    2. Passport details.

    Data protection law for collecting and sharing this data.
    It is under our legal obligation with the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect support strategy we
    collect data. This information may share with public health if required. Under The Health Protection
    (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Amendment (No. 11)Regulations 2020.

    Our COVID-19 Response
Clear sign ages:
At entrance and communal area
Floor Marking for social distancing
Completed covid19 risk assessment
Guests number monitoring to avoid crowding
Encourage regular hand wash / sanitize
Work surfaces and equipment sanitized regularly
Hand sanitizer available
At entrance and communal areas
Breakfast room temporary closed
Replaced by individual wrapped hot / cold
sandwiches as requested and delivered to room by
Staff and Guests’ Temperatures monitoring Face masks to use in communal areas
Cards payment preferable or
confirmed full payment before arrival
Rooms services only available for long stay
guests: every third days by prior arrangements
with rooms vacated for at least 5 hrs
All stays require advance bookings by online or
All linens are cleaned by recognized professional
laundry services.
Staff are provided with PPE
Clear and regular communications with
employees. Reassurance and encourage covid-19
Check in and Check out times as stated.
Please Inform staff time of departures.